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Lanctôt & Associates is a firm specializing in business law and intellectual property. The firm represents a very diversified clientele, mainly consisting of foreign private and public corporations working in all economical industries, looking to develop their activities and interests in Canada. The firm also counts amongst her clients, non-profit organizations such as schools, foundations and churches.

Devoted professionals are working at the firm in a complementary and collegial structure, on direct or single level assignments to provide full access, direct relations and exceptional availability. The professionals of the firm are senior practitioners with a solid business background. They are also family people with a large sense of social awareness and generosity, involved in a number of charitable causes.

Daily, L&A advises its Canadian, European and American clients on national and cross borders transactions, negotiations, relations and on a variety of matters while offering them guidance and ongoing support through L&A’s highly functional and proven network of unaffiliated contacts, agents and correspondents that allows for the best selection of genuinely independent professionals.



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